Hi, I'm Laura.

My mission: to empower people to learn self-compassion, recognise their own worth and live a life of joy and hope, always.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. I’ve been living with this condition for most of my life but unfortunately, due to a lack of information and understanding, it went undiagnosed. Since my diagnosis, however, I have been working on building myself up to be able to live the life that I deserve to have – with or without a debilitating health condition.

How can I help you?

With six years coaching experience and a strong background in health and wellbeing, it’s now time for me to guide other people towards adopting that same positive relationship with themselves (with or without health or hormone issues). Whether you want to focus on accepting yourself, or work on more specific areas such as managing employment, relationships or a healthy lifestyle, make a start by booking your Empower Hour Coaching Session today.

My Services

60 minute Empower Hour Coaching Session

The focus of your one-to-one coaching session is to identify what matters to you, and empower you to start working with your goals from the inside. You’ll set small, short-term, inspired actions, and go away feeling clear, assured and motivated to move forward pragmatically, knowing that you CAN achieve your goals.

Empower Hour package includes 60 minute Empower Hour Session plus 30 minute Guided Reflection & Coaching Session: £45

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30 Minute Guided Reflection & Coaching Session

Half an hour of guided reflection on your recent experiences, successes, learnings and challenges, to help you move forward and grow in your practice of self-compassion, living your life of joy, and hope of achieving what matters to you. This session usually takes place around two weeks after your Empower Hour.

30 Minute Guided Reflection Sessions: £45 for three sessions when booked in advance, or £20 individually.

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Regular and personalised two-way contact - I know that with the best will and intention in the world, sometimes life can get in the way of what matters most to you. So I’ll be keeping in touch to add an extra layer of support and accountability, and be the reminder you need that letting yourself fall to the back of the queue is not an option.

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