What is Coaching?

According to the Association for Coaching - coaching is a facilitated, dialogic and reflective learning process that aims to grow the individual's awareness, responsibility and choice. Coaching is not a form of counselling nor therapy, and it isn’t a tool to be used in place of either of those things. I’ve worked with mental health practitioners on a personal level several times – for mental health, for grief and for PMDD. This is where coaching really comes in...

Honestly - counselling and therapy have helped me so much. But there have been times when, actually, none of them were quite the right fit: I utilised them because there weren’t any other forms of support available to me, and I know that at times I would have benefited more from coaching. Why? Because mental health practitioners tend to concentrate more on a person’s past experiences, and how they can affect our behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Coaching focuses more on moving forward and working towards creating change, and my role is to help you not only see your potential for life, but achieve what matters most to you.In particular, at the heart of what I do, is concentrating on what makes people mentally well right now – and motivating and encouraging them to achieve what is important to them.

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